Mayora Indah

  • Commercial

  • PT. Mayora Indah Tbk
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2016
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Mayora is one of the biggest food and beverage company in Indonesia. The founder Jogi Hendra Atmadja was nominated top 10 richest people in Indonesia. Chenergy designed big sculptures with diameter of 7 meter called “TRINITY” that standing in front of the main Mayora Office and Big Neo Rising sun with 5 meter of diameter, standing behind the Mayora office backyard.

This is the biggest Sculpture ever made by Chenergy. That combine 5mm until 12mm rod of stainless steels and weld it piece by piece. The sculptures weight is about 4-9 tons and only supported by single shock. This is the most challenging project for Chenergy because, Sculpture above 2 meter has special treat and different technique, safety becomes very serious issue, and we made it.

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